The answer to getting your name noticed.

Bringing you a whole new concept to the art of branding. Temporary body art is the most effective, up to the minute promotional tool available.

We promote and advertise your product or brand by tattooing your target audience. Promotional campaigns & product launches of all types can now be enhanced with our unique temporary body art service.
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  • Your company logo or message is transformed into temporary body art or incorporated into an attractive design.
  • Customers can wear your tattoo for up to 5 days.
  • Crowds can stop and stare as we create massive attention.
  • Tattoos are fashionable and extremely popular and we can tattoo any time, any place and any amount of people.
  • Each artist can tattoo up to 50 people per hour.
  • There is simply no promotional tool more effective out there that keeps promoting long after everyone has gone home!

Spider-man 2 -
The tattoos were great and it added a good buzz to the launch, with so many people lining up to get the special Spidey images. We'll certainly use their services again in the future.
Today FM -
We used Tribal Designs on the Ray Darcy show for a promotion about a guy who agreed to get his head tattooed for a week in aid of the tsunami disaster in Asia. It worked really well as a story. It's a brilliant idea, great fun, looks great, and the best thing is that the tattoo wears off after a week - unlike that 'I love mum' you got tattooed when you were 18 - and very drunk!" RAY DARCY
Kate Slattery, O' Leary PR -
"The event was a great success and as before the tattoos formed an integral part of the appeal on the night. The WKD team were delighted with the WKD tattoo which was emblazoned across many ankles and arms by the end of the night!! The tattoos are a surefire hit with WKD fans. Thanks for a wonderful job & for contributing to the success and impact of our event!"